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Congratulations!  You have defied the odds, not to mention what your mother told you, and produced a real live movie, television show, opened your restaurant, or have achieved one of a million other dreams that YOU knew was possible, given your drive and your determination.

Are you an established artist or a professional athlete (yes, pro wrestlers count!) and feel like your current publicist has put you on the back burner?

Or perhaps you’re an expert in your chosen field. A doctor. A lawyer, A financial advisor or other professional.

How are you going to get the world to know about you? You know that you need publicity, but don't know how you can afford the astronomical fees that you've been quoted.  Well, you don't have break the bank in order to get great results.

Based in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world, Marc Kruskol of
MJK PUBLIC RELATIONS will get your "baby" -- and you -- noticed.  With over a decade of experience in publicity at a major studio and as an independent publicist, my expertise, combined with powerful local and national print, radio, television and internet press relationships will be at your disposal, helping you get the maximum media exposure and the attention that you deserve -- for a fraction of what "the big guys" charge!  And unlike many public relations firms, I don’t make empty, unrealistic promises, or pressure you into signing long-term contracts. 

MJK PUBLIC RELATIONS is dedicated to bringing ethics and sensibility back to the publicity industry with fees that are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs, as well as your budget.
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